What we do, don't do, and everything in between

What we do do:

Loyellllo is a very simple loyalty card system. It works just like an old fashionned cardboard loyalty card, except it's online.
So the first thing it does is save you the hastle of using actual cards. It also saves your business the hastle of buying them. And because we generate income on our paid emailing solution, this is something that we can do for free.
We also provide basic information on the people who have your loyalty card. This is not a big brother, data breach of any type, it is partially anonymised and Loyellllo users consent to providing very basic information.
Our paid plans allow you to communicate via email to your card holders if they have opted in to recieving your comunications.
You can also target different card holders based on filterable criteria: date of last visit and/or a score.

What we don't do:

We don't do spam emails. If you are using the platform to make irrelevant or spammy campaigns, you will have your acount suspended.
We also don't provide analytics: the solution is aimed for small businesses with a common sense approach and believe email statistics are not alligned with the loyalty card concept.
Our paid plans allow you to communicate to your card holders via email, but will not create extra clients or is not a source of extra business.

As a service owner:

I can expect that Loyellllo will provide accurate information and behave in a professionnal manner at all times. Loyellllo will try and resolve any issues and will be happy to answer ay questions.
It is also expected of me and my service that I will opperate in a trustworthy and legal manner and I understand that any violation of this interpretation will result in suspension of my account.
I understand that Loyellllo conducts quality checks on service providers and the messages sent out via Loyellllo, whether that is on the platform or via the paid plans and the emailing solution. If my account is suspended in what seems an unfair decision, I will be able to contact Loyellllo and either receive clarification or an opportunity to retrieve my account.
With regards to paid plans, I understand that the email solution relies on current day emailing standards. For this reason, I accept that there may be issues with deliverability, and that the content I include in my messages can have a negative impact on deliverability. For this reason, I accept to maintain a high level of professionalism whilst using Loyellllo emailing and will not expect a 100% delivery success if I have not respect best emailing practice.
On our paid plans, users cas opt out to recieving emails. This is managed programmatically in the software and I will not try to find ways around this, doing so will be considered a direct breach of trust and my account will be suspended on reasonable grounds.

As a card holder:

I can expect take part in an exciting loyalty rewarding system, and recieve a worthy prize on completing a loyalty card for a service. I can expect services to provide some information before hand on what a prize will consist of.
I expect that opting out of any email communication will indeed mean that I will not recieve any emails from Loyellllo other than account managemnt type emails, like password resetting information. It is however my responsability to declare my wish to opt out in my settings.
I can also expect to be able flag a service to Loyellllo if I witness or recieve any inappropriate content whether on the platform or via the paid plan emailing solution and that this be taken with the highest level of professionalism.

Loyellllo reserves the right:

Loyellllo reserves the right to administrate the platform as declared above and will make manual and automated checks on a weekly basis. Loyellllo has the right to revoke any account under any grounds, although this will only happen if any offense or any offensive action has taken place. Loyellllo will in no way tolerate inapropriate behaviour or use of the platform and welcomes its users to report any suspicious or unacceptable use of it.